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Residential Security

Residential Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services for Residential Properties and Homes

Why Hire Ranger Global Residential Security Services?

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by BSIS in the state of California and carry minimum $1 Million Insurance Protection.

Trained and Experienced

Our residential security services guards are professionally trained and have 2 + Years of experience to handle any situation.


We apply the latest security technologies to deliver the highest level of Residential Security guard services.

Residential Security Guards Service

Residential Properties Security Guard Services Company

Our residential security experts are here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure. Ranger Global Security has more than 10 years of experience providing residential security services to apartments, condos, HOA, co-ops and residential communities. We understand how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents and their property, while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, visitors, and service providers.

Working with board and association members, building owners, and property managers, our home security services professionals will conduct a free site analysis of your property, developing a security plan specific for your security needs and budget. We have a reputation of providing security services of the highest standards at competitive pricing.

Our residential security guards ensure a rapid response to emergencies. In the event of an alarm activation or a break-in, these guards are trained to handle the situation, including contacting the appropriate authorities and taking necessary actions to ensure the safety of the occupants.

The presence of our home security guard provides homeowners with peace of mind, especially when they are away or during nighttime when vulnerability is higher. The knowledge that their property is being monitored and protected can significantly reduce stress and anxiety related to the safety of the home and its residents.

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Duration of Service

Expert Residential Security Guards Services

Ranger Global Security provides expert security guards to your residential property and homes to keep an eye on the premises and provide you peace of mind to relax or spend time at work or with family. Our residential security services include

  • High-Level Concierge
  • Lobby Security Receptionists
  • Greeting residents and guests
  • Screening contractors
  • Logging visitor vehicles
  • Responding to calls and/or alarms
  • Patrolling the community
  • Campus And Parking Lot Security
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Gates And Entrance

We can supplement our human presence with technology solutions. Our services also include security alarm response services to verify alarm activity, and emergency security services. These are available to our clients 24/7.

Our residential security services are offered in a way that reflects the community’s personality and prestige. Setting the right tone starts with assigning the right security personnel. Ranger Global Security carefully selects and supervises our security personnel. Our training program includes on-site orientation and on-going classwork. By investing time and resources in carefully selecting and training our security officers, Ranger Global Security can provide residential communities with a high quality service, and the continuity so essential to creating a sense of community.

Residential Security Guards Services Company

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Why Hire Ranger Global Residential Security Guards?

Ranger Global Security Guard Service offers numerous benefits for homeowners seeking a comprehensive and reliable safety solution.Our Service is the assurance of enhanced protection for your home and family. With extensive training and experience, our well-trained guards are equipped to handle various safety challenges and implement effective measures to keep your property secure.

Key benefits of hiring Ranger Global Security Guard Services:

Professional deterrence: The presence of RGS guard acts as a strong deterrent against potential criminal activities. Criminals are less likely to target properties with visible security personnel.

Quick response to emergencies: In the case of an alarm activation or any safety breach, our professional unarmed guards are trained to respond swiftly and appropriately. They can handle emergencies and contact the necessary authorities promptly.

Reliable surveillance: Our guards provide 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, ensuring that any suspicious activities are detected and addressed promptly.

Personalized security solutions: We offer tailored safety solutions based on the specific needs and requirements of your property. This customized approach ensures that your unique safety needs are met effectively.

Peace of mind: Knowing that your home is protected by trained and competent professionals allows you to have peace of mind. You can go about your daily activities or travel without worrying about your property and your loved ones.



Security guards in residential properties require training in access control, surveillance, emergency response, conflict resolution, and customer service, along with relevant certifications and background checks specific to residential security protocols.
Commonly used technologies to enhance security in residential buildings include surveillance cameras, alarm systems, access control systems, motion sensors, smart locks, video doorbells, and remote monitoring solutions.
Measures to protect residents’ privacy while maintaining security in residential communities include implementing privacy policies, securing personal data, restricting access to surveillance footage, and ensuring confidentiality in security operations.
Parking lot security guard services coordinate with pSecurity guards facilitate communication and engagement with residents and neighborhood associations by actively listening to their concerns, providing updates on security measures, organizing community meetings, and fostering a sense of collaboration and trust. roperty owners and management by establishing clear communication channels, sharing security protocols and incident reports, and collaborating on strategies to enhance parking lot safety.
The cost of hiring a residential security guard varies depending on factors such as location, level of security required, duration of service, and specific security needs of the property.
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