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Commercial Security

Commercial Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services for Commercial Buildings and Properties

Why Hire Ranger Global Commercial Site Security Guard Services?

Licensed and Insured

Licensed by BSIS in the state of california and carry minimum $1 Million Insurance Protection.

Trained and Experienced

Our commercial security guards are professionally trained and have 2 + Years of experience to handle any situation.


We apply the latest security technologies to deliver the highest level of commercial site security guard services.

Commercial Security Guard Services

Commercial Buildings Security Guards Company

Commercial building security guard services are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to improve their protection from potential threats. These services provide a range of services to ensure that the safety and security of the premises are maintained at all times. Security guard services typically include patrolling the premises, monitoring access points, providing access control, detecting and deterring suspicious activity, and responding to emergencies.

Ranger Global Security offers local commercial security services to businesses throughout California. You can trust us to provide full-service security solutions and related products and technologies that will help make your business safer, healthier, and more efficient. We focus on providing a solution including features such as intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, fire detection, monitoring services, and integration services to address your organization’s unique security challenges.

Ranger Global Security carefully evaluates the demands of companies and the services that they require, and ensures that the security guard is sufficiently qualified and skilled in providing those services.

Our security guards provide a wide range of services, from basic patrol and access control to more complex security and alarm systems. Security guards may be armed or unarmed, depending on the needs of the business.

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Commercial Property Security Guard Services

Though the effects of the coronavirus on commercial properties are still emerging, there’s no doubt that there will be lasting consequences for businesses. Whether you’ve already returned to the office or continue to work from home, Ranger Global Security will be there to help you navigate these new obstacles. We’re developing new and updating existing solutions, from increasing training for security guards to thermal temperature screening, to help you keep your employees safe as they return to the office.

Commercial Buildings Security Guards

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Professional Security Guard Services for Commercial Properties

Security guard services provided by our commercial security professionals are critical for keeping businesses and buildings safe. Ranger Global Security offers a variety of security services, including patrolling, monitoring, and responding to security problems. This type of service is critical for businesses and organizations of all sizes because it protects assets from potential threats.

Our commercial security guards are well trained in risk management, security operations, and emergency response. They are trained to analyze potential risks and take appropriate action to protect their clients’ property and assets. They are capable of promptly identifying and responding to security threats. Our guards are also trained to observe their employers’ norms and regulations. This ensures that security personnel and guard services adhere to the best security practices. This reduces the possibility of any security breaches or incidents.



Security guards are trained to handle emergencies in commercial properties through specialized training programs covering fire safety, first aid, evacuation procedures, crisis management, and response protocols tailored to specific scenarios.
Security guards providing commercial security services are responsible for maintaining a secure environment by conducting patrols, monitoring surveillance systems, controlling access, responding to emergencies, and enforcing safety protocols.
Security guards handle access control and monitor entry points in commercial buildings by verifying credentials, operating access control systems, conducting regular patrols, and utilizing surveillance technology to monitor entry and exit points.
Security guards collaborate with other stakeholders in commercial security services by sharing information, coordinating responses to security incidents, implementing joint security protocols, and facilitating communication to ensure comprehensive security measures.
Security guards implement measures such as regular patrols, surveillance monitoring, access control, employee training, alarm systems, and collaboration with law enforcement to prevent theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities in commercial properties.
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