24/7 SECURITY |  PPO # 121405

Security Guards Training


Ranger Global Security(RGS) values guard training and continuous improvements

Our security guards training does not stop after orientation. We continually develop, test, and refresh our security guards abilities, ensuring they always have the knowledge, skills, and ability to provide world-class security in any situation.

RGS Security Guards are:


Each of the guards are rigorously screened for criminal background checks, employment history, and drug tests.


All of our guards are licensed and registered by the State and BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services). Each guard will have their active license in possession while on duty.


Each of our guards has completed 40 hours of training. Additionally, we provide our guards with ongoing training for our officers and supervisors


Mobile phones and mobile radios to expedite our communication. Some guards will possess firearms, tear gas, and baton along with corresponding State permits.


Our guards report to duty in presentable company uniforms with a neat appearance. Our policy requires guards to press and clean their uniforms and polish their shoes for a clean, presentable look.


The timely arrival of our punctual and reliable guards ensures the health, safety, and security of the client’s site.

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