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Security Guard services San Bernardino

professional security guard services company in san bernardino, california

Security Guard Services San Bernardino

Security Guard Services San Bernardino

Securing your assets in San Bernardino, demands the expertise of professional security guard services. With a rising urban landscape, businesses and residences face diverse security challenges. Trained security guards in San Bernardino act as a proactive deterrent, mitigating risks and ensuring a safe environment for occupants. Their vigilant presence not only discourages criminal activities but also provides a rapid response to emergencies. In a city where every moment counts, security guard services are an essential investment for protecting your property and maintaining a secure atmosphere. By entrusting your security needs to professionals, you fortify your premises against potential threats, fostering a resilient and protected environment.

Ranger Global Security has a distinguished track record of delivering armed and unarmed security guard services in San Bernardino and its neighboring cities. Our comprehensive range of services includes 24/7 availability of armed guards, unarmed guards, fire watch, mobile patrol, and virtual security guards. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Ranger Global Security ensures a tailored and robust security presence to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s around-the-clock protection, fire watch support, or virtual surveillance solutions, our professional team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of security. Choose Ranger Global Security for reliable and comprehensive security services in San Bernardino and its surrounding areas.

Our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • SUPERVISOR: Field supervisor inspections included at no additional cost
  • AVAILABLE 24/7: Single point of contact available to every client 24/7
  • TRAINING: Vigorously screened and highly trained California state licensed security guards.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Deploy technology to provide industry-leading security coverage
  • REPORTING: Guard efficiency with daily activity reporting and monitoring software.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Superior customer service and administrative support
  • COLLABORATION: Regular meetings with clients for their feedback on services and security personnel.
  • EXPERIENCE: Management staff with ten years of combined experience
  • COMPETITIVE RATES: Quality and Professional security service at competitive rates
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Ranger Global Security’s mission is to support our clients with leading edge technologies and by creating the safest and most positive environments possible. Providing complete and satisfactory armed and unarmed security guard services, along with site patrolling.

  • A Security guard company with 24/7 service capabilities
  • Vetted, Licensed, and Full Trained Security Guards
  • Security professionals capable of adapting to the needs of any work site
  • Frequent Ongoing Training based on site specific post orders.
  • Security solutions tailored to your requirements.
  • Competitive Service Rates that demonstrates value
  • More than 30+ years of combined services and experience in the security industry
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Duration of Service

Why Hire RGS for Security Services in San Bernardino

San Bernardino County is the 6th populous county in California and the 14th most populous county in the USA. San Bernardino is perhaps most famous for lying en route to Route 66. Route 66 is one of the most iconic roads in the entire world. Many visit Big Bear, a major southern California winter vacation destination. There are approximately 37,000  businesses in San Bernardino County and its Chambers of Commerce is one of the most active, involved, and membership driven chambers. With a thriving commercial sector, retail establishments, and financial institutions, there is a need for robust security measures to mitigate risks such as theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Gated communities and residential areas also require vigilant security to ensure the safety of residents and their property. Educational institutions like college campuses necessitate security solutions to address safety concerns among students, faculty, and staff.

Choosing Ranger Global for security guard services in San Bernardino ensures a higher level of safety and professionalism. With a proven track record, we bring extensive experience to the city, providing armed and unarmed security services tailored to San Bernardino’s security specific needs. Our highly trained security guards work with precision, providing 24 hour surveillance, fire watch, mobile patrols, cyber security, and virtual security services. We prioritize client safety, taking a proactive approach to preventing potential threats and responding quickly to emergencies. As a leading security guard company in San Bernardino, Ranger Global Security stands out for its commitment to exceptional service, dependability, and the highest security standards, making it the preferred choice for protecting San Bernardino’s assets and communities.

Security Services in San Bernardino




Read what some of our clients are saying

At Ranger Global Security, we strive to protect property and assets for our clients. We are committed to protecting you 24/7 and providing excellent customer service. Reviews as placeholders

Ranger Global Security is the most dependable security company I have worked with when it comes to my own residences. The staff is friendly, reassuring, and completely dependable in their work. I appreciate the high level of service they provide and would recommend them to anyone who asks.

– Mary Lynn

Ranger Global Security provided the highest level of service to our team, they were great communicators and problem solvers, and kept our property safe and secure I’d highly recommend them.

– Henry Atkins


Yes, we have trained local residents as security guards in San Bernardino. By hiring local residents as security guards, we are able to provide a strong local presence and support the community while also delivering high-quality security services.
At Ranger Global Security, we take the hiring process very seriously, and all of our employees undergo thorough background checks. This includes a criminal history check, verification of past employment and education, and a review of personal references. We also conduct drug tests to ensure that our employees are drug-free and able to perform their duties to the highest standards.
Armed security services may be required for businesses in San Bernardino in certain high-risk situations, such as during large events, when transporting valuable goods, or at high-security facilities such as banks, government buildings, and prisons. Additionally, businesses with a history of theft or vandalism may also opt for armed security services to provide a visible deterrent and to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. At Ranger Global Security, we have a team of highly trained and licensed armed security professionals who can provide the highest level of protection in any situation.
As a security guard company, we understand that each client has unique security needs. Our pricing for custom security services is based on several factors, including the type and level of security required, the size of the property or location to be secured, the number of guards needed, and the length of the assignment. We offer a free consultation to assess the specific needs of each client and provide a detailed proposal, including a breakdown of services, cost, and length of the assignment. Our pricing is competitive and cost-effective, yet it still maintains the highest standards of security. Contact us for a free consultation and quote to learn more about our custom security services.
As a security guard company in San Bernardino, CA, we offer a variety of security services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services include armed and unarmed security guards, mobile patrol services, event security, construction site security, fire watch security, virtual security, and cyber security services. We also provide customized security plans to meet the specific needs of each client, including residential and commercial security, executive protection, and VIP protection services.
As a security guard company, we are committed to providing round-the-clock security for our clients. Whether you need security for your property or for a special event, our guards are on duty and ready to respond to any situation that may arise. We understand that security needs can arise at any time, which is why we are always available to provide the necessary support and protection.

Companies Our Security Guards have Protected

  • Tesla - Ranger Global Security client
  • Denny's - Ranger Global Security Client
  • Walmart - Ranger Global Security Client
  • Forever 21 -  Ranger Global Security Client
  • ToysRus - Ranger Global Security Client
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